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The Excellence Audit

The Tom Peters brand always attracts people with a passion for excellence and a bias for action, but judging what actions to take and when to take them for maximum benefit is always difficult. This is especially the case when resources are tight and confidence is low, as is the case in many of today’s economies.

In good times or bad, the Excellence Audit provides some badly needed clarity when the road ahead is not clear. It generates quantitative data on the key dimensions of excellence. It identifies the most cost effective places to target performance improvement initiatives. It reveals where and whether there is agreement between key individuals and groups about the priorities for improvement. It exposes blockages that will inhibit progress. It enables leadership teams to create and own a new improvement agenda. It helps leaders at all levels to get their most valuable people focused and moving forward.

The fifty characteristics examined in the Excellence Audit are derived from Tom Peters’ lifetime study of business excellence. Collectively, they describe the seven elements that interact in the Future Shape of the Winner Excellence model. Survey participants rate the current status and future importance of each characteristic from their point of view. The results inform leaders where business improvement actions should be targeted for optimum effect.

The Excellence Audit is a client confidential on-line diagnostic tool. TPC specialists provide advice on survey design, do an initial data interpretation and make action recommendations for each client. Our input can be delivered face to face or remotely. Additional services from TPC, in the form of further analysis, interpretation, specialist consulting, and implementation support, is available on request.

Conducting an Excellence Audit is an affordable way to engage key people in creating an agenda for excellence that fits their situation. It is an extremely powerful and flexible management tool and is suitable for all organisations large and small and in the public and private sectors.

To find out more about how to apply the Excellence Audit in your situation, whether you are a leader or a consultant, the TPC website provides further information or contact

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